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Since I started my woodworking journey in 2020, I have been fortunate enough to fulfill all types of orders. Each project brought its own challenges, but I've loved every single one. Not all of these are in the product catalog, so feel free to contact me via the contact page for quotes on any custom project you may want.  


Custom Pedal Board

A custom pedalboard built for a guitarist in a band called The Rumours out of New York

Charcuterie Board with Custom Handles

A different take on the classic charcuterie board in the product catalog. This client wanted a custom set of handles to match the resin


Custom Flat Cutting Board

This was a simple project, that is very similar to the cutting board in the product catalog page. The only differences is she wanted it to be a flat surface with no pockets.

Custom Desk

This custom desk was built for a client right here in Denver, Colorado. There were several custom requests that made this a challenge, but definitely a fun one.

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