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Woodworking Holiday Gift Ideas

Shopping for family and friends around the holidays can be one of the most difficult and exhausting endeavors. What should I get for my mom, brother, sister, and dad? Not to mention the grandparents and more. You never know what anybody wants and makes shopping that much harder. But in my experience, personalized, thoughtful and heartfelt gifts go a long way. My family

is actually the inspiration for a lot of my products, because I have been looking for creative, personalized, and thoughtful gifts for them.

Every year for Christmas, I’ve found that my dad is the easiest to shop for. If his Christmas gift is anything surrounding beer, he’ll be happy as a clam. He was actually the inspiration for the intricate bottle opener. There are only so many wooden bottle openers out there, and it’s difficult to find one that can be personalized and engraved. I decided to get creative and it’s his favorite gift he’s ever received from me. Not to mention it’s a beautiful piece of wall decor.

My stepmom and sister love to cook, so cutting boards were the first item that popped into my mind. That evolved to serving trays and resin boards, and they’ve loved everyone. The resin board is my favorite, because it is so easy to personalize via color of the resin or a quick laser engraving.

So, with that introduction to where a lot of my projects come from, I want to disclose what the most popular gifts from High Ridge Woodworks are. So, without further ado, here they are:

1. Resin Boards

Blue Resin and Walnut Charcuterie Board

Like I said above, these are so popular due to their customizability and simplicity. Just about everybody loves a good charcuterie board, especially around the holidays. It’s all about presentation, and these boards add to the beauty of the board.

2. Cutting Boards

Similar to the Resin Board, but these boards are designed to be cut on. Made from exclusively hardwood they are easy to add a personalized message via laser engraving. They’re easy to maintain and make for the perfect Christmas gift for the cook in your life.

3. Intricate Bottle Opener

Just about everyone has a beer lover in their life. They have every bottle opener you can imagine and know everything about beer from IPAs to stouts. But they’ve never seen a bottle opener like this. It’s unusual, yet a perfect addition to the man cave. Not to mention its addicting to play.

4. Wooden Dart Board Cabinet

This is the most popular gift for significant others. It’s a great addition to the man cave, and perfect for boys’ nights. There’s nothing quite like have some beers with the boys while tossing some darts.

5. Leaning Wine Rack

This item is loved for its simplicity in aesthetics, yet complexity in design. Its unique, functional, and gorgeous no matter where you put. Whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, or wet bar, it looks like it belongs.

Check out all of our products and find the perfect personalized wooden gift for those closest to you. They’re going to love it!

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